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The Sightline Group

Building Channels for New Technology.

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August Smart Lock

Superior Consulting Services for Select Companies.

Sales and marketing strategy. Execution assistance. Product launches.

We deliver profitable relationships.

With in-depth understanding of our clients’ products, channels and messaging, our hands-on partners get the work done, the word out and close the deals.

Experience counts.

With years of executive-level experience spanning all channels, consumer technology products, turnarounds, and early-stage go-to-market planning and execution, we have aligned clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s directly with their best customers.

The right connections are everything.

We know the players and they know us. Strong relationships with key executives across all major channels segments: brick and mortar retailers, Ecommerce, catalog, TV retail, specialty retail, OEMs — enable us to quickly introduce our clients and their products to the right people.

To know us is to respect us.

The decision-makers we approach know we are bringing something exceptional to the table. They expect it from us. After years of close interaction, we have earned an unparalleled reputation for forging vital alliances

Our Clients.

Some Of The Most Innovative Companies In Consumer Technology.

Sightline’s current and previous clients include…

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The Channel.

We Know Them And They Know Us.

The Sightline Team has direct relationships with the executive teams and buyers of the leading retailers and eTailers.


Sightline’s Hands-On Approach to Your Product Launch

Sightline partners roll up their sleeves and work directly on every aspect of your product launch, including…


The Sightline team begins the process by understanding your environment: your product, your competitors, viable channels and available resources.


Sightline then develops a comprehensive channel map: who should be selling your product, using your product, representing your product, and more.

Packing The Bag

Going out with the right program elements to present to potential partners is essential: refined presentations, demos, prototypes, set-up sheets, etc. With your bag properly packed, the decision making process by the channel partner is reduced.

Setting the Appointment

Sightline’s strong relationships with key executives across all channels enables us to quickly get in front of the right people to introduce our clients and their products. Connected and Respected

Negotiating Programs

Sightline has recent experience negotiating terms and conditions with each targeted channel partner. Understanding the range and requirements necessary to form a strong channel partner relationship is a key building block of Sightline’s ability to gain success for our clients.


Closing The Deal

The primary goal of our clients is to close deals with channel partners.  Those deals must be fair and balanced but most of all they need to get done.  Sightline’s successful track record on our client’s behalf is that we close deals.  Activity alone is never confused with purpose!

Developing Sell Through

The fundamental purpose of building a channel is to sell product to end users using channel partners.  The programs constructed with channel partners are designed to sell through products not sell products into stores and warehouse.

Account Maintenance

Profit and revenue growth for our clients is based upon channel expansion and continuity with current channel partners.  Sightline maintains and grows account relationship by helping clients maintain channel partners

How can we help your company?

Whatever the channel, our experienced team is just a phone call away from advancing your company closer to your goals. Whether you’re launching a new product, technology or service, or require assistance to increase your existing channel presence, Sightline can help.

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